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I’ve acquired a large library of videos, film clips, audio clips, and still photographs.  Due to my focus on unnarrated nature and ambient content, all of my best work not only transcends language barriers – but can be easily be repurposed for a variety of projects.  On this page, you’ll find information on the films and libraries I have available and how to license them.  All available securely via PayPal and Google Drive so this site never has to handle your private payment information.  License terms and instructions are available on each individual product page.  If you need help, have a custom project, or are interested in licensing edited films for broadcast use – please contact me directly at:  Video clip libraries are coming soon, and are currently sold via Story & Heart.  I sincerely hope my content can help you in your own endeavors,

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Royalty-Free Films for Public Display in Your Place of Business:

Turn the screen in your waiting room, classroom, or lobby into a work of art with the same incredible videos I have on Vimeo.  High quality 1080p HD and UHD 4K motion art films that are sure to impress your patients, students, guests, or clients. With frequent clip changes and amazing sound and images – they’ll keep your audience engaged.  Simple pricing and flexible digital files allow you to display these vibrant and beautiful films in your commercial space for a simple one-time fee.  No recurring annual payments.


License Natural Audio Clip and Ambience Libraries:

The same high quality nature sound effects used in my own films. Authentic nature ambience throughout the forests, mountains, deserts, and the coast of the State of Oregon in all seasons. A wonderful representation of North America’s West Coast, with many of the same animal species present in California, Washington State, Canada, and throughout the United States West of the Rocky Mountains – with a bit of lava, ocean waves, and the beaches of Hawaii. These libraries include both brief clips and long ambiences stretching several minutes.  They serve as a great background for Western, travel, outdoor, documentary, as well as other related themes. License these libraries for everything from indie films to video games.  These sample libraries are recorded in remote areas and most clips are entirely free of people, planes, cars, or any other human caused sounds.