A Guide to Creating Stunning Timelapse

A timelapse (often spelled time-lapse or time lapse) is a way to show events that are difficult to perceive in real-time because they occur over minutes, hours, or days. Timelapse can add some ‘pop’ to an otherwise dull landscape scene, help communicate elements of your story, or show something incredible like lava flowing. Here is an example of some of my work that became a Vimeo Staff Pick and was in the National Geographic Short Film Showcase:

Compared to getting to that location, shooting the timelapse was relatively easy! What are the minimal requirements for shooting a timelapse like this?

1. A camera that will shoot automatically on intervals

2. A way to compile those images into video

There are simple ways to do this with a GoPro, smartphone, and other ‘in camera features.’ However, when most people think of timelapse – they think of gorgeous wide landscapes, lava flowing, or dark night skies. Almost all of these sequences are shot in full RAW on DSLRs like the  Canon 6D. There’s probably some amazing on-location sound to go along with it too.

My goal with this guide is to give you a brief overview of the cameras, lenses, audio recorders, and other gear I use to shoot my films – why I’ve chosen to use these items – and how to use them. For a much more in-depth take on how I shoot timelapse, check out my online course with Story & Heart.

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