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4 Films / 1080p HD / 77 Minutes / 2.51 GB

Discover Oregon is an effort to recreate what it feels like to be in a few of Oregon’s most cherished wild places. These films don’t cover every season. They don’t cover every location. But to many these are the public lands that define Oregon.  Mt Hood. The Painted Hills. The Columbia Gorge, McKenzie Valley, and Pacific Coast. Steens Mountain.  They’re sure to impress your audience.

Recorded by night and day – in stunning time lapse and real time motion photography – Discover Oregon is a relaxing unnarated documentary series put to music that allows you to experience Oregon’s abundant scenery, plants, and wildlife in both iconic and virtually unknown locations.  Each of the four films is approximately 20 minutes in length.  This series includes:

Mt. Hood:
Experience the diverse moods of Oregon’s tallest mountain by day and night across three seasons.

Painted Hills:
Explore the colorful high deserts of Wheeler, to the Painted Hills, and beyond.

River and Coast:
Follow rushing waters from high mountain streams, through the McKenzie and Columbia Rivers, and down to the Pacific Ocean.

Great Basin:
The northern edge of America’s Great Basin is a landscape of wild horses, pronghorn, petroglyphs, and unforgettable skies above Steens Mountain and Hart Mountain.

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Want to check that they’ll work on your device before purchasing?  Download free playback tips and test files in HD and 4K.

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