Experience some of the most unspoiled landscapes in the American West from the comfort of your home.

Even Oregonians can’t always be in the outdoors.  Discover Oregon is a documentary video and audio project that takes you to many of Oregon’s best places – both iconic and virtually unknown locations.  Recorded by day and night – in timelapse with Canon DSLRs and in real-time with a cinematic Blackmagic digital film camera – Discover Oregon is a high-definition audiovisual tour of Oregon’s scenery, plants, and wildlife.


Exciting shorts and harder to find long-form videos for turning your TV or monitor into a window on the outdoors.
Each moving scene is carefully colored with an attention typically shown to still photographs.


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Audio without planes, cars, and other human interruptions. Nothing but birds, wind, storms, rivers, and more! You can listen for free online, or purchase securely through Bandcamp and enjoy Oregon anywhere.

Experience the sounds of the Pacific Northwest!



Pretend your screen is a picture frame. Longer form videos to turn your TV, computer, or device into a virtual window on the Pacific Northwest! Beautiful long still scenes and extended clip compilations! Watch or download.

All available for free download from the ‘bonus features’ section of our Discover Oregon Vimeo On Demand page.

For your home and personal use!


(hint – the long videos are at the bottom of the page)


Need some gorgeous royalty-free Northwest scenery or sounds for your media project? You've come to the right place! Available instantly.

Most of the Discover Oregon feature length film is available securely and instantly through Portland’s own ‘Story & Heart.’


Can’t find what you need there? Contact me directly:

Gigabytes of Media

More than just video.

Discover Oregon footage is primarily shot in uncompressed CinemaDNG and CR2 RAW digital film.  This means that every second of video began as 24 individual photographs instead of a compressed file.  The uncompressed files gives Discover Oregon footage a range of light and color more similar to the human eye than is possible with an average video camera.  This is also responsible for the huge amount of data making up our films; our Blackmagic camera burns though a gigabyte of data every 20 seconds.  The individual frames also happen to look great as still photos! Enjoy a few of them below:

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The colors are all-natural.

There isn’t any HDR (high dynamic range shots composed of 2 or more frames), and all extravagant sunset colors were made by wildfire smoke particles in the air – not Photoshop!

A few of the locations captured:

  • The Oregon Trail

  • Mirror Lake

  • Mt. Hood

  • Lookout Mountain

  • Hood River County

  • The Columbia River Gorge

  • Eagle Creek

  • Oneata Gorge

  • Angel’s Rest

  • The Oregon Coast

  • Cape Kiwanda

  • Chetco Point

  • The McKenzie River

  • Sahalie Falls

  • Clear Lake Lodge

  • Spray, OR

  • The John Day River Basin

  • The Painted Hills

  • Anthony Lake

  • The Elkhorn Mountains

  • The Sumpter Dredge

  • Baker City, OR

  • Malheur County

  • Kiger Gorge

  • Steens Mountain

  • Petroglyph Lake

  • Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge

It isn’t always possible to be in Oregon’s most beautiful places, but now it’s possible to go there virtually.  Discover Oregon  media is recorded with high quality RAW cameras and high bitrate audio formats – which means we capture colors, lighting, and sound more like Hollywood and the BBC than your average iPhone or DSLR.

How would you like to experience Oregon today?

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